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Open-air chamber music festival in the most beautiful places of Italy

A musical journey in the gardens, cloisters and courts of historic houses and palaces, which are an integral part of the identity and the cultural heritage of our Country. Through numerous concerts spread all over Italy, the music of the most representative young ensembles of the international music scene echoes throughout the whole country, and is accompanied by activities of discovery of the territory.

The objectives of Musica con Vista are:
– to support the new generation of young talents in classical music
– to offer the opportunity for a curious public to discover beauty on their doorstep
by activating territories
– to develop a national system in which Culture is an engine for the sustainable
development of the country

Musica con Vista creates an ecosystem, made of cultural operators, institutions which protect historic heritage and local communities, inside of which resources and needs are intertwined in a circular economy. The concerts, disseminated on the Italian territory and accompanied by collateral activities connected to the artistic heritage and to the discovery of hidden wonders, enhance the suburban areas, activating the local artisans and associations promoting tourism of proximity. This formula grants the local sustainability of the project and its replicability in different territories.

The proposal of cultural innovation and connection on the territory of Musica con Vista was born thanks to the meeting of the mission and activity of Le Dimore del Quartetto and Comitato AMUR. The cultural heritage of historic houses and of young, Italian and European ,chamber musicians, meets the history and tradition of some of the most important Italian chamber music’s concert societies, which spread out of the major cities of the country to revitalize villages and the suburbs. The partnership established with Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane contributes to the creation of the Musica con Vista’s ecosystem.  Opening to the public the wonderful houses scattered all over Italy, the offer of the festival and the capillar activation of the territories is enriched.

The Musica con Vista 2022 festival runs from 11 June to 29 September and travels throughout Italy, from Trento to Palermo. The 37 concerts are the stages of a musical journey through the gardens, cloisters and courtyards of historic mansions and palaces, an integral part of our country’s identity and cultural heritage.

Ferrara Musica will host two of the 2022 edition concerts, part of the Ferrara Musica a Casa Romei series.

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All the concerts are characterized by collateral activities, trips, tastings, readings, expositions, to be carried out on the day of the concert. The map of Musica con Vista gathers all the places of the concerts and some other wonderful places of interest, in order to boost the “reactivation” of the territory that is at the heart of the national reopening project. Go to the map!