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The Silenzio in sala a tempo di Musica project stems from the dialogue between the Comitato AMUR and the photographer Daniele Ratti and involves all of the Committee entities, that are the most important institutions operating in classical music in Italy.

Music and photography meet together with the aim of supporting musicians in the current context of uncertainty and recreating a 20/21 season behind closed doors but brought outside through images and sounds.

14 concerts, 14 theaters, 14 shots are the protagonists of Silenzio in Sala a tempo di Musica and become the content of targeted communication and promotion actions in support of artists and the world of culture.

“How do you photograph music? Imagine a stationary, immobile theater; imagine the center of the scene, a single light that illuminates the musicians and their instrument; imagine that they start playing for a certain time. Now in front of them facing the audience there is a camera and a photographer, motionless for the entire time of the performance; only one photograph is taken by the steady camera. The result: a motionless theater on one side and moving figures on the other. In this motionless moment, music lives.” 
– Daniele Ratti


Ferrara Musica contributed to the season by streaming the concert of pianist Gile Bae, available for free on YouTube.